About P. Madhava Reddy

I am keen observer of the Society at Gross root Level as I hailed from Middle Class back ground from one of the faction driven village of Rayalaseema, I had opportunity to see lot of ups and downs in my Life Personal, professional Life but those are not deter me to lead...


PMR Portfolio

A Game - Changing Solution for Indian Politics it is a well-known fact that all parties and almost all contestants spend an obscenely huge amount of money to contest elections.

The question is can this be stopped? Is there a way out? Will politics and contesting elections ever be within the reach of a common man?

About Jeevan Vidya..!

Jeevana Vidya program makes one realise the Today’s Life reality, when we look at the Problems,...


Till Now We have conducted this Jeevan Vidya Programme at the following Places

  • IDBI Asst. General Mangers , IDBI Training Center , Gachibowli , Hyderabad
  • Enmax Boilers design anf Mfg company – Jeedimetla, Hyderabad ( 3 Separate batches)
  • Relgo Networks Software company (www.relgo.com) (2 batches)- Hyderabad
  • MN Reedy Charted Accountants – Hyderabad
  • R & B Engineers – Erramangil , Hyderabad
  • Matrix Consultants ( Architecture and Planning) – Hyderabad
  • RTTC (Regional Telcom Training Centre) – BSNL Staff – Hyderabad
  • Fortune Infra Developers , Hyderabad
  • IIMC (Indian Institute of Management & Commerce) College – Hyderabad
  • BSNL ITPC ( Information Tech Projects Centre)-Hyd
  • Intellectual Institute science and Technology college Anantapur
  • Degree Lecturers from 30 colleges ( one from Each college ) in Anantapur
  • Rotary club Members at Anantapur
  • Green Wood School – Warangal
  • Gulmohar Park colony Residents , BHEL Lingapalle
  • BHEL Hyderabad Residential colony Residents -
  • APPARD employees Colony Residents(Attapur) – Hyderabad
  • Life Skills Academy staff , Hyderabad
  • Cherlapalle Open AIR Jail inmates , Hyderabad
  • Kasturiba Govt School at Chakrayapet , Kadapa
  • ZPHS School Thimmapalle – Anantapur
  • ZPHS School Yallanoor – Anantapur
  • ZPHS School Kuchivaripalle – Anantapur
  • ZPHS School Yadiki – Anantapur
  • Sarada Vidya Mandhir – Malle palle , Ananpur
  • DRADA centre at Anantapur for Job aspirants