I wish to bring to your notice on the importance of swimming.

Many people who do not learn swimming at younger age might have given up once for all due to fear of water! We are good at removing the fear and make them swim in no time.

Swim would be of help in multiple ways, it protects the individual during water accidents and makes one fit which in turn helps in leading happy life.

A happy employee is more productive than others!

Please look into this link to know more swimming benefits.


As most of organizations are spending funds for employee welfare and recreation, we suggest you should explore the possibility of ‘learning swimming’for your employees.

Couple of links for ready reference and many more..

Two kannada film actors drowned


Fourpune doctors drowned


NRI techie with son drowned



How to Learn Swimming

We wish to associate with you to teach swimming at nominal cost to your employees at Dolphin Swimming pool, Center of Good governance, Near Outer Ring Road, Gachobowli , Hyderabad.

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