Jeevan Vidya
Take a lead and arrange this kind Program.. So that we can create Good Environment and Good society.. !

Jeevana Vidya program makes one realise the Today’s Life reality, when we look at the Problems at Individual, Family , Society and Nature, those are increasing day be day and we rather than correct it we are putting our efforts increase than correct to those problems.
So it with the present situation i.e. alarming increase in value degradation all over the world, as manifested in exacerbation of maladies like ecological imbalance, increase in inequity, crime and violence.
Jeevan Vidya makes/teaches you complete understanding of life, personality, family, society, nature and existence, which intern results in improving right understanding of life and brings a positive change in living. This program finds and enables you that - the root cause of all human suffering and disorder is the lack of correct perception of the reality and happiness.
Lot groups who attendee this program observed and measured, there is a remarkable improvement in self-confidence, expression power, analytical power, problem handling capacity, harmony in the environment, where ever this program conducted by him, because the program itself aims at integrating man with Self, Family, Society and nature, thus fostering a shift in universal consciousness.
When the Jeevan Vidya program conducted at Cherlapally Open air jail, It made a good impact in the inmates of this open air jail. This program reflected into a great success in improving right understanding of life and brought a positive change in them, towards the thinking of society and also majority of them felt that they got free from mental agony (which was with them for years, because of their imprisonment & the punishment they got)
This Mainly focus and Aims for all age groups in particular who are in adolescent age so that they can turn their life beautiful that is reason this hanse been considered as one the Main subject in Engineering colleges / Degree colleges.., Most of the time our Education teaches Skills than values.., Skills gives the Food, values makes to live Happilly , Values with Skills is the Purpose make Indviduals to Life with out any trouble..
This program crate / makes Arousing awareness about essentiality of human values for human happiness, prosperity, and balance in nature by Understanding the inherent harmony and mutual happiness at various levels in existence, thereby engendering universal values.
In Conclusion This is path-breaking workshop is for the:
» Energy Alignment of the Body & Mind
» Enhancement of Consciousness Quotient
» Getting connected to one's centre and Staying there
» Coming out of the self-created traps
» Get rid off frustration
» Maintaining the Right relationships so always be Happy in all Levels ( Self , Body , Family , Society and Nature)
Till Now We have conducted this Jeevan Vidya Programme at the following Places
Addressed More than 1500 youth IMPACT-2013 @ Harihara Kala Bhavanan, SecBad
Link to see above program:
Radio Keka ( an Internet Radio: World Wide

Jeevana Vidya  on Radio Keka on 11th Feb - 2014:

» M/S Bitra Net., Banja Hills, Hyderabad.
» ICICI Foundation ( Academy for Skills), Nampally, Hyderabad.
» Durgabhai Deshmuk Polytechnic for Women(Under Child and Women Welfare)
» Kanthi foundation, Dilshuknagar, Hyderabad.
» Mr. Right Coaching Center for Competitive Exams, Dilshuk Nagar.
» ZPHS Chintalacehruvu, Kurnool Dt.
» Govt Jr College, Chagalamarri, Kurnool Dt.
» Afflatus Global School, Anantapur.
» Nava Bharath School, Anantapur.
» AP Residential School, Survel, Nalgonda Dt.
» Govt School and College students Achempet.
» Govt School Students Camp, Ayyasagaram.
» Govt School Students Camp, Shadnagar.
» Hyderabad Central University Daily Wage Workers, Gachibowli.
» General Public @ Pulivendula.
» General Public @ Vasapuram, Anantapur Dt.
» Vagdevi Hight School, Yadiki, Anantapur Dt.
» HP Gas Agency, Tadipatri, Anantapur Dt.
» General Public @ Yadiki, Anantapur Dt.
» VCARE Hospital Doctors and Para Medical staff - Ameerpet, Hyd. 
» IDBI Asst. General Mangers, IDBI Training Center, Gachibowli, Hyderabad
» Enmax Boilers design anf Mfg company - Jeedimetla, Hyderabad ( 3 Separate batches)
» Relgo Networks Software company ( (2 batches)- Hyderabad
» MN Reedy Charted Accountants - Hyderabad
» R & B Engineers - Erramangil, Hyderabad
» Matrix Consultants ( Architecture and Planning) - Hyderabad
» RTTC (Regional Telcom Training Centre) - BSNL Staff - Hyderabad
» Fortune Infra Developers, Hyderabad
» IIMC (Indian Institute of Management & Commerce) College - Hyderabad
» BSNL ITPC ( Information Tech Projects Centre) - Hyd
» Intellectual Institute science and Technology college Anantapur
» Degree Lecturers from 30 colleges ( one from Each college ) in Anantapur
» Rotary club Members at Anantapur
» Green Wood School - Warangal
» Gulmohar Park colony Residents, BHEL Lingapalle
» BHEL Hyderabad Residential colony Residents -
» APPARD employees Colony Residents(Attapur) - Hyderabad
» Life Skills Academy staff, Hyderabad
» Cherlapalle Open AIR Jail inmates, Hyderabad
» Kasturiba Govt School at Chakrayapet, Kadapa
» ZPHS School Thimmapalle - Anantapur
» ZPHS School Yallanoor - Anantapur
» ZPHS School Kuchivaripalle - Anantapur
» ZPHS School Yadiki - Anantapur
» Sarada Vidya Mandhir - Malle palle, Ananpur
» DRADA centre at Anantapur for Job aspirants
For the more Information Pls Contact the Trainer
Mr. P. Madahava Reddy, BTech ( NITW), MBA
Contact No : +91 9490244255
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